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The fear of leaving on a jet plane

What goes up, must come down. That?s a thought that runs through the minds of one in three people who board a plane. The fear of flying is one of the most common fears, so chances are when you?re on a plane, you?re not the only one who is more than a little nervous. Most of those fearful of flying were afraid of mechancial problems during the flight and the fear of flying in bad weather was also a concern. With the crash in San Fransisco over the weekend and news of the one at Alaska, nerves are a bit high for some with the fear. The good news is that a person can fly every day of their lives and on average it would take 19,000 years before you would succumb to a fatal accident. You?re also more likely to die from a bee sting or by donkey, than you are from boarding an aircraft. Still, throwing a slew of facts at people who have the fear of flying does little to assure them of their safety or their fear that they will be one of the unfortunate who board a doomed aircraft. Modern-day plane manufacturers have

letter to the editor

Canada Day a success for NOTL

We are coming out of the ?fog? of Canada Day preparations, execution and cleanup. Thank you to everyone for their help and participation in making the day a great success. We think it would be fair to say that some 5,000+ celebrated with us at Simcoe Park and Fort George. We know the cakewalk attracted 2,000 (that was our plate count) and another 3,000 were counted coming through the gates at Fort George. Even the weather ultimately cooperated, despite the increased winds in the evening which kindly subsided at 9 p.m., when decisions regarding the fireworks had to be made. The fireworks show by Garden City was awesome and a great finale to a long day. The day started with pancakes in Simcoe Park, the Rotary barbecue lunch, Frankie focused greatly on a multiprolonged approach to survivability: In addition to accident avoidance, great strides have been made in helping occupants survive the impact, post-crash fire and fumes and safely evacuate. The Boeing 777 that crashed in San Fransisco was designed for people to escape within 30-seconds, which is undoubtably a large factor in why so many survived. In the last 17 years about 95.7% of occupants who were involved in airline crashes survived. It never hurts to pitch in to enhance your safety by listening to the emergency egress procedures before each flight. What you wear makes a difference, avoid shoes that will fall off easily, or highly flammable clothes. When you sit down count the rows to the nearest exit, always keep your seatbelt on and secure loose items. Medicating is an answer for some, but drinking or medicating during flights impairs your ability to follow instructions. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view, afterall ?humans weren?t meant to fly.? Phelan?s Dixieland and Jazz in the bandshell, the Rainbow Region of the Antique and Classic Car Club and the incredible Canada Day ?cakewalk? by Catherine O?Donnell at Willow Cakes & Pastries, accompanied by the Fort George 41st Regiment Fife & Drum Corps. At the same time Fort George was open and free with kids? activities and programming all day. The evening featured our Infantry Squad, cannon firing, Fife & Drum, a Old Town Goodies became the latest Defender of the Town, thanks to their generous donation, said Tony Chisholm (left), fundraising chair of the War of 1812 Bicentennial Committee. ?Old Town Goodies is very proud to be a defender. My ancestors Jacob Ball senior, a lieutenant with the Butlers Rangers and Jacob Ball junior, a captain at the Lincoln Militia fought during the War of 1812? said Mary Lynn Pullman (middle). Their contribution will go to the Bicentennial Committee for publicizing and marketing the events planned for 2013 and 2014. In Spring 2012, Louis and Mary Lynn Pullman teamed up with their son Bill (right) and his wife Lisa to open Old Town Goodies on Queen St. Old Town Goodies offers 28 flavours of London ice cream, smoothies, made to order sandwiches, fresh cut fries, frozen yogurt, desserts, tea and Lavazza coffee. Food is something the Pullmans know well, having operated the Little Red Rooster Restaurant on Mary Street for a number of years as well as the Theatre Deli on Queen Street in the 90s. They were also involved with Stagecoach Restaurant in the 80s. The newest venture is a take-out only restaurant. With its location across from the Shaw Festival?s Court House Theatre, they?re hoping to become a theatre-crowd favourite. In addition to food, the store also features gifts, such as puzzles, games, maple syrup, Tealish Teas and hot sauces. show-stopping performance of O Canada and great music from the band - More Bad News and the Horns from Hell. Our volunteer crew moved the food tents and equipment from Simcoe Park to Fort George for an evening barbecue, helping us to generate funds to support the day?s events and related promotional efforts. Fifty pounds of onions were handchopped, to go with those burgers, sausages and hot dogs along with gallons of coffee, water and pop were served! Niagara-on-the- Lake?s Canada Day happens because of your help and commitment. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm, making the day a great event for our residents, neighbouring communities, and our national and international visitors. It was truly a day to celebrate our Canadian pride. Bravo to all! Jim and Erika Alexander Friends of Fort George

Weekly meal provided for clients

Newark Neighbours reminds community they are unable to take large donations due to space

Newark Neighbours is very grateful to Sharon Brinsmead Taylor and all the vendors at the Wednesday Evening Supper Market, held at the Village on Niagara Stone Road, for their generosity in providing our clients a weekly meal. A name is pulled at random and the family can then go to the Supper Market on a Wednesday evening for a dinner. A wonderful way to spend an evening in the summer. We are often asked if we can take furniture and large

Barbara Ahluwalia

Newark Neighbours TVs, small side tables are acceptable, but we do not have space for larger pieces, here are two organizations which can be contacted if you have such surplus items Hope Furniture Bank at 905-356-4673 or the Christian Benefit Shop at 905-682-8944. Thank you for your support. Our hours are Sunday to Friday 9:30 to 2 p.m.

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